Earth Rise Video Poem

April 22, 2020: Happy Earth Day! Love your mother… This mother loved collaborating with her son. New video release: Earth Rise by Full Spring Studio (Jonee) and Samuel Brigham.

Earth Rise Video poem based on artwork and poem, 1:48 min.

The story of our size compared to Earth has long fascinated me. Has the Earth grown smaller in our imaginations as we’ve traveled to space and enlarged our impact? How can we return to the humility of our dependence on a “mother” Earth? I’ve incorporated these questions into many artworks. This is a drawing of the famous Earth Rise photo of 1968, taken by an astronaut on the Apollo 8 mission. With that photo, and similar ones, humanity saw the Earth for its fragile beauty, a small and rare living planet in space. This drawing is also used on the cover of a book of environmental poetry including a poem called Earth Rise, about the famous photograph. In the video poem, I collaborated with my teenage son, a talented video artist who brought a whole new dimension to the art and poem