Switch – 2016

Switch, interactive installation
Switch (detail)
Switch is an interactive art installation and is part of a series called Power Contemplations inspired by my ongoing interest in exploring infrastructure as a hidden/shadow architecture of interconnection. I believe infrastructure, such as power lines and water mains, tells a story of how our daily lives are interconnected with nature—whether from a sink through pipes to the river, or from a light switch, through wires, to the sky. Power Contemplations began with the demolition of electrical components during our home remodel and my feeling that they held memories of electric uses and impacts from our own and prior owners’ lives. Switch was created for the Fierce Lament exhibit, and reflects a struggle with the effects of power consumption and questions about personal power to make change. As part of Switch, I went on “pilgrimages” upstream from my electric meter to photograph five power plants that represent five types electric generation I hope will be substantially replaced by renewables: Nuclear, Coal, Gas, Oil, and Trash Incineration. Switch is a ritual object, representing appreciation of the gifts of electricity from these plants, sadness at their/my impacts, and a decision upon opening of the exhibit to switch to wind power. Visitors may carefully operate the switches to experience the work.

Media: Reclaimed electrical switches and junction boxes, reclaimed wood framing studs, tar paper, non-toxic wood finish, acrylic paint, mirror, inkjet-printed photograph and text transparency film
Dimensions: 66 in. w x 13 in h x 4 in d

Website: More at powercontemplations.blogspot.com