Mississippi River Vessel, 2015, in use within the participatory, public artwork, River Journey, 2015

I work across a variety of media, often in a single artwork. In addition, many of my artworks are nested and networked compositions. For example, the performative and participatory public artwork (in the form of an Earth Systems Journey) called Downstream/Upstream, includes an installation artwork called Mapstories, and an original song. The Earth Systems Journey, River Journey, also included an art installation, and sculptural artifact, called Mississippi River Vessel used in water enactments, as well as exhibited separately. Photographs from River Journey were subsequently developed into a triptych in altered photo media, called River’s Edge: Downward, Outward, Upward. This was then also made into a video poem, combined with video from the visit.

Because of the nested and networked nature of my art, it is difficult to organize it by media or category. You will see that within the pages of each grouping below, there are some cross references and dual listings–many views, recordings, and interpretations of overlapping experiences.

Public Art & Installation Art

. . . larger multimedia works, sometimes participatory

Shown: View from Riverwash at Little Mekong, 2013

Artist’s Books

. . . single or multiple editions

Shown: Detail from Dig, 2010

Two-Dimensional Art

. . . often mixed media, original, prints, cards

Shown: Detail from River’s Edge: Downward, Outward, Upward, 2015

Three-dimensional Art

. . . sometimes also part of participatory public art

Shown: Mississippi River Vessel, 2015

Audio/Video Art

. . . sometimes also part of a larger multimedia artwork

Shown: Still image frame from Shelter video, 2021