Public Art & Installation Art

metal-clad curved back to a portion of a bench
Detail from Children’s Nest Egg (In the Park)

My public art and installation art plays with the balance of form and sequential experience. Form-based projects, like Children’s Nest Egg, stand alone as a sculpture but suggest a designed experience. In Downstream/Upstream the forms are in a supporting role—some as props used in a journey, and some as mementos of a shared experience. And in River-Wash at Little Mekong the project records many individual experiences of a “river-wash” in the form of posters in a business and cultural district in St. Paul, MN.

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Children’s Nest Egg, 2007
Children’s Nest Egg (In the Park), 2008
Downstream/Upstream, 2011
River-Wash at Little Mekong, 2013
Aqua per Capita, 2014
River Journey, 2014-2015
Switch, 2016
Big Stone Lake Stories, 2018
Postcards from the Pandemic, 2020-2021
Shelter, 2021

woman in a work apron using a golden watering can to pour water onto the sidewalk near a storm drain
Scene from River-Wash at Little Mekong