River-Wash at Little Mekong – 2013

“River-Wash at Little Mekong” is a public art project in Little Mekong Business and Cultural District along University Avenue between Mackubin and Galtier Streets in St. Paul. Starting in fall, 2013, “River-Wash at Little Mekong” engaged the people behind storefronts with the stormwater below the street —connecting Little Mekong to the Mississippi River. Participating business owners displayed a poster in their storefront documenting an encounter where they mark a watering can and water-paint the sidewalk to answer two questions: “What do you want to flow in to this place?” and “What do you want to wash away?” Then, washing the sidewalk, their hopes and concerns flow into the storm drain, to water street trees and be carried by the river—a healing symbol. In turn, the human role in river health is expressed by marking storm drains with a pollution prevention message. The exhibit includes photographs, posters, and the golden watering can with participants’ writing from the project. Artist, Jonee Kulman Brigham of Full Spring Studio, collaborated with Friends of the Mississippi River, Asian Economic Development Association, and the City of St. Paul. The project is supported by Irrigate.

Medium: Participatory public art, designed experience supported by multiple objects: gold watering can, water and brush for sidewalk painting, and twelve 24 x 36 inch posters documenting the experience of each participant for storefront display.

Dimensions: Five block area along University Avenue between Mackubin and Galtier Streets in St. Paul
Date: Fall 2013

Website: http://river-wash.blogspot.com